1 Year Warranty. Money-Back Guarantee. Free Returns. Free Shipping over $99
1 Year Warranty. Money-Back Guarantee. Free Returns. Free Shipping over $99
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Make Life Easy the Footbot Cleanser is fast and effective. Over 30,000 bristles scrubbing your feet clean. No bending over or reaching required
Our All-Natural Liquid Soaps developed specifically for Footbot devices, sticks to the brush and evenly lathers giving you a refreshing clean and a mild message at the same time
Lock in the Moisture with our Moisture Lock Heel Stick. Made with beeswax, our heel stick helps eliminate cracked heels by keeping your skin soft and hydrated
Our High-Quality Brushes are made from industry leading nylon bristles
Extended-Life Rechargeable Battery-  recharge device every 4 to 6 weeks
Low Battery Light Indicator glows dim to bright when you need a charge
Rapid-Charger allows you to recharge your device in under 4 hours
Suction Cup’s to Your Floor- If your shower or bath has a textured surface; even powerful suction cups will not stick. Our Universal Mounting Pad is the solution and can mount to almost any shower floor
Designed for durability and function first
Hand-built in the USA
Parts Made in China & India
All-Natural Unscented Liquid Soap
Moisture Lock Heel-Stick
Rapid Charger
Universal Mounting Pad


Clean, Moisturize, and Repeat daily  
Using the Footbot™ Cleanser daily for 60 days
Using Organic Tea Tree Oil Soap twice per week
Using Moisture Lock Heel-Stick morning and evening

Cleans your feet while in the shower!

Footbot™ Cleanser is a hands-free electronic foot scrubber designed to leave in the shower. It scrubs away dirt and oil, lightly exfoliates skin, and gently massages.


  • Easy to use and Maintain a daily routine
  • Simply Press ON using your foot
  • Move your foot frontwards & backward over the rotating brush
  • No need to struggle to clean your feet
  • We offer Gentle, Medium, or Course brush options to best fit your needs


      Footbot™ Cleanser cleans feet of all shapes and sizes

      Did you know a pair of feet has 250,000 sweat glands.
      Over 100 types of fungus and bacteria can grow on your feet.
      Footbot™ Cleanser is fast and effective to scrub your feet clean.


        "Let your feet breath"

        After all the dirt and oil is removed, you'll feel as if your feet can breath again.