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Will the Footbot hurt my feet?

The bristles are flexible and should not hurt your feet. Apply just enough pressure so just the tips of the bristles do all the work

If you press down hard the brush will stop as a safety. If any discomfort is felt from extended use, please try using less frequently or discontinue using

The Footbot was designed with no sharp edges. The brush shaft is flexible and designed to pop-out of place if too much pressure is applied.
The brush shaft can not break and hurt you

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Will the Footbot get rid of my hard skin?

Foot care is a daily routine, not a single event. Over time the Footbot can help reduce hard skin that causes cracks. It lightly exfoliates the skin a little each day. For best results apply the Moisture Lock heel stick while your heels are still soft and moist following a through cleanse


I have sensitive skin, is there a softer brush?

Yes, we are proud to offer a Gentle Brush option in our online store. We also offer a Firm Brush option by request only because quantities are limited


Is the brush available in different colors?

At the moment you can only select a blue or pink brush. We would like to offer more colors in the future as production increases

Is the Footbot easy to clean?

The Footbot was designed so water runs down and away from the device. Simply rinse it off with the shower

When removing your Footbot for recharging we recommend some light cleaning. With a soft cloth use a little water and mild detergent to wipe down your Footbot

You may unscrew the suction cups from the bottom and let them soak in shallow diluted bleach if needed

My Footbot won't stick to the shower floor?

Some bath's or shower floor's have textured and rough surfaces. If this is the case, suction cups will not suction securely. We included a Universal Mounting Pad which can be mounted via peel-and-stick. The Footbot will fully suction to this pad and should not move around

 Can I use my Foobot on travel?

When transporting, we recommend removing the brush. The Foobot is dual voltage and can be used with 110/220 volts


Are replacement parts available for my Footbot?

Yes, the brush can be replaced as it wears out over time. We offer addition Suction Cups, Universal Mounting Pads, and Quick Chargers via our online store. Thank you