1 Year Warranty. Money-Back Guarantee. Free Returns. Free Shipping over $99
1 Year Warranty. Money-Back Guarantee. Free Returns. Free Shipping over $99
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 Will the brush hurt my feet?

The brush has been specifically designed to clean your feet by gently brushing them with over 30,000 hypoallergenic nylon bristles. The bristles are flexible and should not hurt your feet. If discomfort is felt, please discontinue use. If you have very sensitive skin, we are proud to offer a gentle bristle brush option.


Is it easy to clean?

The shape of the Footbot™️  is design to make cleaning as easy as cleaning your feet. Once you are done using your Footbot™️ just place your shower head where your  Footbot™️ is  and let warm water run down till you see no more dirt or suds.

We recommend that once your Footbot™️ needs recharging to take the opportunity to do some light cleaning. We recommend to unscrew suction cups from the bottom and letting it soak in shallow diluted bleach.

With a soft cloth use a little warm water and mild detergent and wipe your Footbot™️ Cleanser all the way around.


I have sensitive skin, is there a softer brush?

The Footbot™️ Cleanser comes with an 2 3/4 ″ diameter brush which gives you a invigorating foot scrub and massage, however, if you have sensitive skin on your feet my may want to go for the larger diameter brush of 3 5/32″ which has longer bristles giving your a softer smoother foot scrub.


Is the brush available in different colors?

At the moment you can select from a blue or a pink brush. We will be offering different color brushes later and we will make then available in the online store.


Is the Footbot™️ Cleanser dual voltage?

The Footbot™️ Cleanser uses rechargeable batteries, the fast charger that is supplied with the Footbot is dual voltage and can be used with 110V and 240V mains supply.


Why wont my Footbot™️ Cleanser stick to my shower floor?

Some bath and shower floors have a textured or rough surface. If this is the case with your flooring, suction cups will not be able to obtain a full suction, therefore the Footbot™️ will not stay stuck in place. For this reason, we supply a universal mounting pad which can but fixed in place with the double sided tape which is attached to the pad. The Footbot™️ can then be placed onto the pad with full suction.


Will the Footbot™️ Cleanser get rid of my hard skin?

It is recommended you use the Footbot™️ Cleanser once or twice a day. If you do this you should see a reduction in your hard skin within a month. For best results apply the Footbot™️ Moisture Lock foot balm while your feet are still moist after using the Footbot™️ Cleanser.


Are replacement parts available for my Footbot™️ Cleanser ?

Yes, the brush can be replaced as it wears out over time.

We also offer addition suction cups, universal mounting pads, and quick chargers via our online store.