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Shower Foot Scrubber
Shower Foot Scrubber
Pink Footbot Cleanser
Pink Footbot Cleanser
Pink Footbot Cleanser

Pink Footbot Cleanser

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Scrub away dirt and oil while lightly exfoliating your skin

Reduce odors, cracked heels, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus

Easy to use and maintain a daily routine

Promotes excellent foot health, feet feel amazing afterwards!


Use daily while showering - Press ON with your foot to start the 1 minute cleaning cycle. Apply soap to the brush. Move your foot frontwards and backwards, cleaning in-between your toes, the soles, and heels of your feet - Rinse after use

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Footbot Cleanser
All Natural Unscented Liquid Soap
Moisture Lock Heel Stick
Rapid Charger
Universal Mounting Pad

Designed for durability and function
Hand built in the USA
Parts Made in China, India, USA
1 Year Warranty